Friday, September 28, 2012

Archer's 1st

Our little baby is growing up so fast!  He turned 1 on September 22.  We had his party on the 23rd.  I counted 81 attendees.  What a fun night!

Archer is such a fun little boy!  He has 4 teeth, crawls everywhere, crawls to the top of the stairs because he knows that gets him instant attention, loves electronic devices like the remote and cell phones, sleeps from 6:00pm-7:30am every night, turns his nose up at pureed foods, and loves, loves, loves his brothers.  We sure enjoy having this boy around.

For comparison, each of the boys on their first birthdays:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love My Boys!

Has it seriously been almost 2 years since my last post???  I probably don't even have any readers left anymore because I have let them all down (all 2 of them).  Anyhow, I got inspired by my sister-in-law's post about her kids and thought maybe I should do a little journal post about the kids.

I was putting the kids to bed tonight (rare occurrence because Jared usually does) and Kincade couldn't find his "last drink."  I told him to just use Kellen's and hop in bed.  A few minutes later, I see this:

and Kincade explains "I got a second drink (jrink) and the lid is on tight and it's in this pack."

Archer is crawling all over the house.  It has made him a little less whiny and dependent on me.  There are times when he's on the floor and I get peace and quiet.  And then I find him:
And I don't mind the mess one bit because I got some peace and quiet.  And when he's in Jared's office, this is usually how you'll find him:

So happy to be dumping out the flashlight parts!

Saw this in my bed the other day and had to snap a picture:
These boys are so luck to have such a great dad and they don't know how lucky they are that he's around all day every day.  Jared tries to be very accommodating of them, even though he has to work and sometimes he has to explain to them that he has to work to get money to pay for things.  Today I told Kincade that he had to come to the store with me so he wouldn't bug Dada because he was working.  Kincade said, "He always lets us bug him.  And we ask him and he dos it and then he gets back."  He is always so good and patient with them and prints coloring pages, gets them drinks, lunch, or whatever they ask for.  Yesterday we were at the book store and a lady asked him if he was a teacher. She said he was so patient, she figured he must be a teacher.

And a blast from the past:

This is Kellen at 18 months:

And this is Archer at 9 months:

Notice the swimsuit in both videos.  And, yes, they do look alike.

These 3 boys love being older brothers.  They all love Archer and say he's the cutest baby ever and they love him so much.  They often try to explain how cute he is "He's so cute that I'm going to die."  The just think he's the best baby ever.  And I couldn't possibly disagree.

Bridger tells me the other day:
"If I was a vampire, I would suck Archer's blood last of the whole world......Actually, I would step into the sun instead of sucking Archer's blood."
This might seem strange to some of you, but I thought it was so sweet that he loves his brother that much.
These boys do not want Archer to grow up (much) - they love him crawling and find it hilarious and can't wait for him to walk.  He was copying them the other day and you can hear in the background how hilarious they think he is (and you can see for yourself how cute he is):

And Archer definitely loves them back.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Fun Run

Today was the first Fun Run.  Here are my boys after the run:

Quotable Quotes:

Kellen after the Fun Run: "Well, it was fun, but not as fun as I thought it was going to be."

The PE teacher said hi to Kellen and he ended up dropping about 1/4 of his Otter Pop.  Kellen looked down and said, "...That's ok, I still got most of it."  Love that kid.  He's such a sweetheart.  (The PE teacher got him another one for free.)

Bridger: "I did it!"  He ran the entire Fun Run.  Good job Buddy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jared!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband and father!  I asked the kids what we should get Daddy for his birthday.  Here were their answers.

Bridger:  An orange table - to serve us food on.
Kincade:  A bus. A big (or pink) bus. [Couldn't decipher for sure if it was big or pink]
Kellen:  I don't know what we should get him...After all, I'm just a KID!

Clearly they won't be any help for a few more years....
Love you babe!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

McKay Family Reunion

My mom and I took the boys on a road trip to Utah for the McKay Family Reunion.  It was exhausting but fun! I learned some more about my ancestors (Great-Grandparents James and Bessie McKay) and the kids had a great time!

(The highway into town is named after my great-uncle.  Bridger's middle name is Gunn after him, so I had to take a picture of him with this sign.  I don't know why he's flashing gang signs.  He refused to believe that his middle name was Gunn.  He thought it was a hilarious joke.)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a REAL New York Apartment Looks Like

Has anybody else ever watched Law & Order?  Or any other show set in New York?  While I was in NY, I took pictures of my friend's apartment - which is probably pretty typical of normal people in NY.  Nothing like the movies, that's for sure.  They live on the Upper West Side of Central Park.  A few blocks walk to the park.

The front door is the white thing on the right side.  You walk in and this is their living room/bed.  And you are looking straight into their kitchen from the front door...

Miniature appliances (we also saw a mouse in there at night lol).  Right next to this kitchen, to the left is the downstairs bathroom...

This is looking from their living room into an open area - you can see the baby sleeping in the bassinet/stroller.  The closet on the right is the bead closet and the high door is the baby's room.

Bead closet

Up to baby's room

Baby's room

All of her headbands (she sold them here - it's on 5th Avenue, very swanky and expensive!) the bookshelf and the stairs up to the loft

Scary stairs

The loft.  They keep all of their clothes in that closet, as well as just about everything they own I think.

Upstairs bathroom

The terrace (off of the loft)  This is the envy of their friends.  They have all of their parties here because they can all hang out in "outside space."  There's also another space with a whole table in it.

And their view from the terrace

I thought it was fascinating when I saw how New Yorkers lived so I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Their apartment is really cute and it's such a fun city.  I don't blame them for giving up sprawling yards and square footage in the house to live in such a fun and exciting city.